WOW! We are almost half way through the school year.  I want to give you an update of the events that will happen the next few weeks.

Please check the Indian project post below this one. I would prefer to receive the projects before we go on break, but it will not be officially due before Friday, January 8th.  I understand that this is a busy time of the year.

Your child already has received his Indian study guide (found in the back of the 3 ringed binder) and will be tested on the unit Friday, December 11th. There is another found on the study guide page of my blog.  We will post your student’s project on his/her Seesaw post.

Our first Reading Benchmark testing will begin on Tuesday, December 8th.  Please make sure your child is at school on time, has had a good nights rest and a nutritious breakfast.

The Math Benchmark Test will be the following week.

December 18th will be a half day for our students.  They will not return to school until Tuesday, January 5th, 2016.      Monday the 4th will be a teacher workday.

We will be having a  party the last day.  Please look for the notice being sent home if you would like to contribute.

Please have a safe Winter Break and enjoy the Holidays.